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Private Yoga with Amanda

Private yoga classes with Amanda consist of an in-home, structured yoga program that revolves around your schedule and goals. Weekly or bi-weekly classes are recommended, ranging from one hour to ninety minutes depending on your goals.

If you have the space available, small group classes are also welcomed. This can be a fun way to spend time with friends, loved ones, coworkers, etc. Depending on the group size, some props may be provided by Amanda (cleaned and sanitized between use), but if you are striving to create a home practice, Amanda may recommend a list of props for you to purchase and utilize.


Regardless of the size of the group, all classes are tailored to your needs and are offered at the same rate of $75 per hour. All payments are collected prior to services rendered and class packages are also available at a discounted rate; contact Amanda for details.


Getting started is easy. Complete the new client form below. If you are not a new client, simply contact Amanda to schedule your next private class.

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New Client Form




Licensed Acupuncturist

Amanda has the kind of personality that brings out the best in people. She is creative and fun, while also holding a deep knowledge of many esoteric disciplines of yoga. I appreciate her interactive style of teaching and the clarity with which she guides us through poses. I recommend her to my patients and friends every day!

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Private Yoga Student

I am a mother of four with two still at home. Finding childcare and coordinating schedules makes it difficult to make it to any group fitness classes. Amanda was recommended to me from my friend who takes her studio classes regularly. She has been a lifesaver. I am feeling my body return back to its original strength and my back pain has greatly decreased. I cannot recommend her enough.

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Private Yoga Student

Working with Amanda has been life changing for me. For work, I travel months at a time and having a yoga studio membership doesn't make sense. Amanda makes it easy to meet up so I can still continue my practice on my own time and when I have time. She even let's my partner attend occasionally when I convince him he needs to move. And her follow up communication is professional and handy; when I'm out of town I can still follow along her prescribed practice that's perfect for my specific issues and needs.

Online Yoga

Practice with Amanda Online

Practice with Amanda anywhere -- quality and varied videos uploaded soon!

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